• Do I Really Need a Hysterectomy

    The decision to have a hysterectomy should never be taken lightly.

    Hysterectomies used to be the only option for the treatment of many diseases of the cervix. Now there are alternative treatments with fewer side effects and less harmful long-term consequences.

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  • Canberra Women’s Clinic

    Canberra Women’s Clinic
    Health is the overall condition of complete physical, psychological and social welfare and not just the absence of disease or illness.

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  • Irregular Bleeding

    Normal vaginal bleeding (menstruation) occurs every 28 to 35 days in every woman.

    Abnormal vaginal bleeding is any bleeding unrelated to normal menstruation.

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  • Women's Health Clinic

    Women's Health Clinic
    Dr Gailani can help patients to understand their treatment pathways and enable clearer patient decisions.

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  • IUD Contraceptive Doctor & Minera

    What is an IUD?
    An IUD or IUCD (intra-uterine contraceptive device) is a form of contraceptive and involves a device being placed inside the uterus (womb) to prevent pregnancy.

    An IUD is a small plastic device in the shape of a 'T' with plastic strings attached.

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