What are Adhesions

Adhesions are bands of scar tissue which cause organs inside the abdomen or other surfaces that are not usually connected to stick to each other.

Causes of Adhesions

Adhesions can occur:

  • following infection (such as appendicitis or pelvic inflammatory disease)
  • inflammation (endometriosis) or
  • previous surgery.

Symptoms of Adhesions

Adhesions can be associated with chronic pelvic pain. Adhesions can also interrupt the bowel and lead to obstruction.

Adhesions can affect the tubes and ovaries and affect fertility.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Adhesions are known to occur very commonly after open surgery - in 60-100% of cases.

The incidence of adhesions following keyhole surgery is only 6-10%. Thus keyhole surgery or minimally invasive surgery is an ideal way to minimise the risk of adhesions.

Keyhole surgery is also the most ideal approach to divide adhesions to minimise the risk of the adhesions recurring.

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