Gynaecology Medical Advocacy

What is a Health Advocate?

Health advocate is a designated clinical consultant, who organizes a wide variety of health care related support and educational services to

  • maintain
  • improve, and
  • manage health of a patient or a client

Clinical health advocates are generally specialist practitioners that have wide experience in their field or a specialty and have helped many patients suffering from closely related health conditions.

What is Patient Advocacy?

Health advocacy is designed to assist patients navigate both

  • their healthcare choices and pathways
  • as well as the health care system

to best address any healthcare needs.

Benefits of Gynaecology Health Advocacy?

Gynaecology Health Advocates can help patients with

  • Learning about healthcare options
  • Assessing relative benefits
  • Expanding treatment options, and
  • Reviewing available resources

Health Advocates can:

  • Expand your options
  • Prevent illness
  • Reduce possible adverse outcomes

for a patient by identifying health risks early or the most suitable options.

Improved Care Management

Help a patient manage their healthcare by

  • removing obstacles
  • providing timely access to care
  • delivering personalized care and
  • promoting safe/quality outcomes

Gynaecology Experience Matters

Dr Gailani acts as a Gynaecological Health Advocate and has years of experience dealing with Gynaecology related patient health issues including coordinating

  • treatments
  • hospitals
  • ancillary providers, and
  • other health clinicians