• Faecal Incontinence or Fecal Urgency

    Faecal Incontinence or Fecal Urgency

    Faecal urgency occurs when the arrival of faeces in the rectum causes strong contractions and unexpected anal relaxation.

    It is particularly common in patients with ‘irritable’ bowels, because the rectum is more sensitive to distension. If the sphincter is weak, this may cause Faecal incontinence.

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  • Conservative Management of Prolapse

    Pelvic organ prolapse is common, and some degree of prolapse is seen in 50% of women who have given birth.

    Women with prolapse can experience a variety of pelvic floor symptoms and depending on the diagnosis. Treatments can include surgery, mechanical devices and conservative management.

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  • Frequent Night Visits to Toilet

    One in three adults over the age of 30 make at least two trips to the bathroom every night. The condition is called nocturia
    While the majority of those who are dealing with nocturia are usually over the age of 60, it can happen at any age.

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  • Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding

    Abnormal vaginal bleeding, is any bleeding unrelated to normal menstruation. Abnormal vaginal bleeding may include spotting between periods, menstrual flow that is lighter or heavier than usual, or menstruation at times not expected, such as during pregnancy or menopause.

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  • Painful Periods

    For women, a little pain during a few of their period days is common. But when this pain starts to get in the way of your everyday activities and is not relieved by over the counter pain relief medicine - then it may already be dysmenorrhea.

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