Conservative Management of Prolapse

Conservative Management of Prolapse

Conservative Management of Prolapse

Pelvic organ prolapse is common, and some degree of prolapse is seen in 50% of women who have given birth.

Women with prolapse can experience a variety of pelvic floor symptoms and depending on the diagnosis. Treatments can include surgery, mechanical devices and conservative management.

Symptoms of Pelvic Organ Prolapse

  • A feeling of pressure or fullness in the pelvic area.
  • A backache low in the back.
  • Painful intercourse.
  • A feeling that something is falling out of the vagina.
  • Urinary problems such as leaking of urine or a chronic urge to urinate.

Mild to Moderate Prolapse

Patients with mild uterine prolapse do not require therapy because they are usually asymptomatic.

For women who do show symptoms of mild to moderate prolapse, conservative management approaches can be sufficient. These treatments can include lifestyle advice and pelvic floor muscle training.

Study Shows Improvement

Pelvic exercises (Kegel exercises) and pessaries are the current mainstays of nonsurgical management of patients.

There is some encouragement from a feasibility study involving 47 women that pelvic floor muscle training, delivered by a physiotherapist. The women were symptomatic in an outpatient setting. The study showed a reduced severity of prolapse. However, there is no evidence that this treatment can lead to regression to normal.

Pelvic Floor Medicine Clinic

At our Pelvic Floor Medicine Clinic, we have a dedicated physiotherapist and a nurse that will assist you in your treatment to reduce or manage these prolapse symptoms.

Your Next Step

If you are experiencing any of the Pelvic organ prolapse symptoms above, your underlying pelvic floor may require further investigation.

Dr Gailani can offer advice on a possible diagnosis, further investigations and suitable treatment.

For patients suffering from pelvic organ prolapse, we would advise that you see your general practitioner and possibly obtain a referral to see Dr Gailani at