Excessive Bleeding & Novasure

Excessive Bleeding & Novasure

Excessive Bleeding & Novasure

Excessive bleeding, also called menorrhagia, lasts up to 8-10 days and defined as a loss of blood of more than 80 ml per month.

Who Typically Suffer Menorrhagia?

Women in their 30s and 40s (those who start to get closer to menopause) begin to experience excessive bleeding.

Having heavy periods is estimated to affect 1 in 5 women - which can take a toll physically, socially, and emotionally on sufferers

How Can Menorrhagia Be Treated?

Endometrial ablation, such as NovaSure, is a procedure that is designed to lighten or end your heavy period - without pills or hormonal side effects.

The NovaSure procedure is recommended for those who no longer plan on having children, as pregnancy may be dangerous for both the fetus and mother after the procedure.

The NovaSure procedure is a quick, one-time and minimally invasive procedure that does not require pretreatment or incisions - leaving the uterus intact. It can be performed as a day procedure Dr Gailani’s rooms.

When Can a NovaSure Procedure Be Done?

The NovaSure Procedure can also be performed at any time during a woman's cycle, even during bleeding days. Most women experience mild to no pain at all during or after the procedure. Most women are back to normal within a day or so.

NovaSure Success

After the procedure, 90% of women reportedly returned to light periods or none at all. While 40% reported that their periods stopped completely.

Your Next Step

If you are experiencing excessive bleeding investigating the causes and understanding your treatment options should be your next step.

Dr Gailani can offer advice on a possible diagnosis, further investigations and suitable treatments including NovaSure.

For patients suffering from excessive vaginal bleeding we would advise that you see your general practitioner and possibly obtain a referral to see Dr Gailani at omargailani.com.au