PCOS and its Impact on Fertility

PCOS and its Impact on Fertility

What is PCOS?

PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is a common condition and while it affects almost 20% of females most are undiagnosed.

PCOS and Infertility

PCOS can be subtle, often with no obvious symptoms, so if you have fertility issues, PCOS may be the cause.

PCOS is caused by hormonal imbalance and can involve your insulin and testosterone levels. These imbalances can cause ovulation problems and miscarriages.

PCOS affects women differently. In some women it can cause “subfertility”. Subfertility is a term that describes reduced fertility over a prolonged time of unwanted non-conception or the inability to get pregnant.

If untreated and PCOS develops these imbalances may result in diabetes. PCOS needs immediate, effective, management. So, if you haven’t had a diagnosis of PCOS, but have been dealing with fertility or related problems, get a diagnosis ASAP.

Symptoms of PCOS

While many women have had children with PCOS, it’s important to recognise that PCOS does pose a real risk to health and fertility.

You need medical guidance and a thorough assessment of fertility problems caused by PCOS.

Some related symptoms can include:

  • Unwanted hair – A symptom of hormonal issues, unusual extra hair may be a symptom of PCOS.
  • Obesity – This is a problem related to PCOS and also requires management to treat the condition. Obesity may also relate to diabetic risks.
  • Menstrual problems – PCOS hormonal problems may disrupt menstruation.

PCOS Treatments

If you’ve been diagnosed with PCOS, the good news is that PCOS fertility problems are treatable.

Treatments include:

  • Contraceptives – Contraceptives can help reduce symptoms and manage the ovarian complications of PCOS. Your contraceptives may then help with conception.
  • Counselling – Reducing stress and the resulting stress hormones makes a difference. Lowering stress and anxiety is important to your general health
  • Infertility medications – These medications can restart normal ovulation, a major fertility problem with PCOS.
  • Lifestyle changes – A healthier lifestyle will result in improved fertility and a reduction of the impacts of PCOS.

How Treating PCOS Helps Infertility

PCOS sufferers can be treated effectively, simply, and easily. Even if you’re a busy person, your PCOS treatments can deliver positive improvements.

Don’t wait to get help and get moving on PCOS problems. Start now. Get in touch with a specialist and plan your moves to beat PCOS.

Your Next Step

If you are experiencing any symptoms of PCOS or Infertility and are concerned about any gyneacological problem that may require further investigation take action.

Dr Gailani can offer advice on a possible diagnosis, further investigations and suitable treatment.

For patients suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, we would advise that you see your general practitioner and possibly obtain a referral to see Dr Gailani at www.omargailani.com.au/