Natural vs Cesarean Childbirth

Natural vs Cesarean Childbirth
Natural vs Cesarean Childbirth Natural vs Cesarean Childbirth

Babies can enter this world by either a vaginal birth or a surgical delivery by Cesarean section.

While natural birth is far more common than a Cesarean delivery, the chart below offers  our mothers of her childbirth options with some pros and cons for each approach.


  • Natural Vaginal Delivery
  • Cesarean Section
  • What is Involved

    • Birthing room procedure
    • Delivery through vagina
    • Baby arrives when ready
    • Surgical procedure
    • Delivery through incision on abdomen and uterus
  • When Indicated

    • Good contractions
    • Strong bearing down
    • Small or normal baby size
    • Normal or not malposition
    • Not small pelvis
    • Fetal distress
    • Failure to progress
    • Abnormal presentation
    • Low lying placenta
    • Contracted bony pelvis
    • Multiple babies
  • Benefits for

    • Faster recovery
    • Breastfeeding within 2 hrs
    • Faster resumption of diet
    • Less postpartum depression
    • Higher future fertility
    • Improved immune system
    • Better for high risk deliveries
    • Planned birth date and time
    • Emergency or  birth complications
    • Less birth trauma and pain
    • Slow but steady recovery
    • Less viral infection transmission
  • Issues to Consider

    • More Pain during and after
    • Perineal stretching and tears
    • Increased risks of haematoma, incontinence and uterine prolapse
    • More blood loss
    • Longer hospital stay
    • Breastfeeding later
    • Increased baby respiratory risk
    • Surgical and anesthetic risks
    • Possible scarring