• Treatment for Heavy Periods


    What is menorrhagia or heavy periods? Menorrhagia This condition is associated with heavy or extended menstrual bleeding. Women suffering from menorrhagia experience severe blood loss, pain and cramping. These can restrict normal life.

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  • About Endometrial Polyps


    Endometrial or Uterine polyps are an overgrowth of uterine cells. These form masses in the inner lining. They form from a flat base or protrude from on a stalk from the uterine wall. These polyps can range in size from millimeters to the size of a golf ball.

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  • Dermoid Cyst


    Background: 22 yr old patient presented with lower right sided abdominal pain. Investigations: Ultrasound showed a 6 cm right ovarian cyst. Normal blood tests. Treatment: Keyhole surgery to remove the cyst. Outcome: patient went home the following day with minimal pain medications. Patient seen at her 6 weeks post operative follow up with no concerns. […]

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  • 5 Problems Associated With Ovarian Cysts

    5 Problems Associated With Ovarian Cysts

    Ovarian cysts can cause serious implications if not handled properly?

    Here's the top five problems associated with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome[…]

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  • Incontinence Infographic

    Incontinence I/G

    Urinary Incontinence affects more than 1 in 3 women.

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