Midwifery services

Antenatal care

Are you planning to have a baby? You may have a lot of questions and concerns, particularly if this is your first pregnancy. Dr Gailani offers experienced antenatal care and guidance to give mothers the support they need during this exciting time. His services include regular medical visits, screening tests, and diagnostic tests to ensure you and your baby are healthy throughout your pregnancy.

Dr Gailani's team includes two highly experienced midwives, Robyn and Pauline, who together bring over 80 years' experience in antenatal care and support.

Regular visits to the obstetrician are important to foresee any problems and treat them in advance. Antenatal visits are vital opportunities to learn about different aspects of your pregnancy.

The Capital Women's Health team will discuss exercise, healthy eating, screening tests and what can be expected in each trimester. Robyn and Pauline provide valuable information and support on a wide range of pregnancy aspects and highlight the other relevant programs available in Canberra such as physiotherapy, Pilates, breastfeeding and diet.

Having worked together for many years, Robyn and Pauline are always ready to help, whether you just need some reassurance or a chat about your concerns.

"My favourite part of the profession is being here to support pregnant women and new mums through the most important part of their life." Robyn, Midwife at Capital Women's Health.

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Pictured: Pauline and Robyn, Midwives at Capital Women's Health.

Postnatal care

Once your baby arrives, the joys and challenges of motherhood are about to begin.

You may have a lot of questions that need answering. How much and how often you should feed your baby? What do you do when your baby is crying or sick? How do you prevent accidents?

These questions can be overwhelming at first, but you will quickly adjust with the right support and education.

Dr Gailani has partnered with Capital Region Midwives to offer postnatal services for his patients at no extra charge.

Postnatal care is an important part of ensuring the wellbeing of you and your baby. Women who receive postnatal support are less likely to suffer from postnatal depression and are more likely to continue breastfeeding.

The experienced midwives at Capital Region Midwives will offer seven visits in the comfort and security of your home. The midwives will visit twice in the first week of you and your baby coming home and once every week until your review appointment with Dr Gailani at six weeks.

Care includes comprehensive family support and education in all aspects of maternal care, feeding and baby care.
Capital Region Midwives are highly skilled midwives with many years experience across the entire birthing journey.

Find out more at http://www.capitalmidwives.com.au/