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State-of-the-art Diagnostic Services

Advanced Ultrasound Scanner – See your growing baby

Our practice now owns the most advanced ultrasound system-SonoSite ultrasound machine. This ultrasound equipment delivers a revolutionary image quality and is suitable to perform bedside evaluations during the consultation. This scanner helps efficiently track the growth of your baby in the womb and also has the following applications:

  • Gestational dating
  • Foetal position confirmation
  • Assessment of amniotic fluid volume
  • Foetal viability confirmation
  • Assessment of uterus and ovaries

With this new system, Dr Gailani can help you see your baby as it grows and also determine if there are any complications that need medical attention.

MedGyn Digital Video Colposcope

Different from the traditional optical colposcope, this colposcope’s innovative LED light source ensures high brightness with a long life cycle. Its light spot subtraction technology and unique CCD/optics design provide high-definition images and improved viewing of blood vessels, capturing every meticulous detail.

Urodynamics Equipment

The new urodynamic equipment is made up of highly sensitive hardware and software specially designed to help in diagnosing urinary incontinence problems within your body.  Urodynamics equipment is highly complex and provides detailed information about the bladder and its related tissue functions.

Vision Sciences Endosheath Cystoscopy

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